KARAKAMLAR Aerospace and Defense Industry Inc., established in 2014, is a research and development company which has been working in design of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, defense industry products, hardware, software, test systems and providing engineering services.

The company, first settled at METU Teknokent in 2014, is on-going its activities at Ankara Teknopark since 2017. The company is skilled in system engineering, structural design, structural analysis, aerodynamic analysis, aeroelastic calculations, simulation, mechanical and electronic systems, product development, prototyping and manufacturing. KARAKAMLAR's main objective is to provide innovative solutions in aerospace and defence industry. Its power comes from passion and creativity. KARAKAMLAR are a group of wise men in old Turkic Mythology. They are known to use their power for good, just as we use the power of aerospace and defense technology to make the world a better place.