To spread in the aerospace and .defense sectors in Turkey and neighbouring countries, to continuously increase our market share, to respond to consumers’ expectations, to be an assertive and dynamic company with high quality products and services which revolutionize through creative solutions, in the light of science and technology.

To contribute to a safe World by ensuring customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, by taking into consideration and responding to the changing needs of our customers in the aerospace and defense industry with high quality solutions, acting with effectiveness and honesty.


As KARAKAMLAR Aerospace and Defense Industry Inc., we agree not to just preserve the current situation and to continuously follow all the conditions of the Management System and:

  • We have adopted and are continuously improving systematic and creative management principles about Quality Management Systems, taking into consideration our country’s legal regulations, international standards and all ethical rules,
  • We aim at being the reference for other institutions regarding company management, understanding, change and profitability,
  • We aim at reaching high quality, affordable cost and high productivity at all stages of process,
  • We aim at making the right and fair pricing policy through a market research for both our products and resources,
  • With the principle that our worker contributes to quality and throughout a continuous and conscious training programme, we aim at accomplishing our work performance with chained responsibilities, at giving our worker the feeling of ownership and of continuous improvement, at encouraging successful workers who like their work,
  • We aim at meeting the needs of the customer on time and as required, being an institution targeting to continuously improve itself with the principle of customer satisfaction,
  • We aim at examinimg our customers’ complaints until we reach a solution in an effective and efficient way,
  • In the context of legal conditions and taking into consideration our customers’ needs, we have adopted the principle of appraising, testing, approving our customers’ processes and products today and in the future, by adding value and increasing their competitiveness and improving our service profile with impartiality, independence and confidentiality.