Center of Gravity Measurement Systems

KMC Center of Gravity Measurement Systems

center of gravity measurement

The K-KMC and K-KMC-H Center of Gravity Measurement Systems, which have been used by the leading institutions of defense industry for long time, have the following advanced characteristics:

  • Making the sensitive measurement of center of gravity of aircraft, satallites, ammunition, pod, avionics equipment and other defense industry equipment
  • User-friendly software interface, data transfer to computer, real-time visualization, gimbal balance control, origin adjustment, calibration wizard, multi-scale sensor architecture etc.

  •  K-KMC-H Technical Specs

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    High accuracy CG Measurement and Gimbal Balancing Systems

    gimbal balancing

  • Static gimbal balancing includes the activities of precise measurement of the center of mass change of the gimbal and calculation of gimbal ballast weights according to this change.
  • The misalignment of the center of mass from the axis of rotation results in torque formation in the gimbal and undesirable rotation during maneuvering and vibration. It may not be possible to reset this effect with the gimbal control mechanism. For this reason, gimbal balancing process should be done in every gimbal.
  • Karakamlar Inc. has provided services on gimbal balancing like other measurement services provided so far. Gimbal balancing services are provided in the headquarters office in Ankara Technopark.

  •  KMC-H Technical Specs

     >> Why you should use are KMC series ?

    How to measure center of gravity : You can see the video of our CG Measurement device. How easy and fast to measure center of gravity of objects with our solutions !

    UKM Aircraft and Land Vehicle Center of Gravity Measurement System

    aircraft center of gravity measurement

    Weight and center of gravity values, which are the most important and critical parameters of air vehicles, can be easily measured with the UKM System. The UKM system consists of a hand-held terminal with three special weighing and touch screens. The features of the UKM system are:

  • Wireless: The UKM system does not require cables that are risky for security and does not interact with other systems.
  • Customized: Each UKM system can be programmed for 10 different aircrafts. Drawings, geometry, configurations and various parameters are recorded according to the aircraft used. UKM can be used for all types of aircraft.
  • Secure: UKM system does not need cable which threaten the security
  • Convenient: UKM is developed as a user-friendly interface and easy to store product.


    ucak kutle merkezi sistemi

    With our patented technology, the KMC-3 series with the ability to measure the center of gravity on all three axes simultaneously with the help of the moving table, without the need for different fixtures for the x, y and z axes and without changing the direction of the sample to be measured.

  • Center of gravity measurement in 3 axes with precise angle control system
  • Low cost and precise measurement with our patented technology
  • Easy measurement with user friendly interface.